Based on 20 years of dealing with the subject of brands, the Büro für Markenentwicklung/Office for Brand Management constantly refines its programs and methods. The continually updated knowledge flows into the brand consulting on the one hand and is conveyed to interested parties via numerous publications on the other hand. Over the years, more than 20 books and numerous essays have been written with the aim of providing comprehensive knowledge on corporate brand management. In the study of “Brand Management” at German-speaking universities and colleges, the publications belong to the body of standard literature and are regularly cited.

The german no. 1 branding book is available in english:

From breakfast cereals to smartphones, nothing is left unbranded: brands are with us every step of the way. We define ourselves through the brands we surround ourselves with. Even if we reject brands, that is a brand statement. Brands are everywhere in the 21st century - that is exactly why we all have an opinion on them.

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