The Office for Brand Development, the HERZVERSTAND Strategieberatung (Strategy Consulting), and Markus Hübner-MBA Management Consulting cooperate in advising young entrepreneurs who want to grow successfully with their idea. Their complementary approaches result in a multidimensional consulting offer that is unique in its form. With the findings and strategic recommendations for action, the company can be successfully and independently managed and developed over the long term.

Entrepreneurial decisions are validated and accelerated – the risk of making incorrect decisions is drastically minimized. The company enters the market in the right way or cleverly uses market opportunities for long-term growth and survival – even in times of crisis. Last but not least, the company proves its capabilities through an “audit” and thus significantly increases its chances of raising capital from banks and/or investors.

The Office for Brand Management’s Partners: 

HERZVERSTAND Strategieberatung (Strategy Consulting) in Hannover helps people and organizations to recognize and develop their potential. This happens in the context of the development and optimization of (online) business models and value propositions, as well as in the formulation of strategic and operational courses of action for corporate development, and the support for these processes in the context of coaching, workshops, and trainings.

Markus Hübner, MBA, advises startups and (young) entrepreneurs with a focus on startup and growth financing via public funding. Under his guidance, your business idea and concept will be turned into a solid and viable business plan that will put you in an optimal starting position to acquire financing from investors or by applying for public funding. Since 2001, he has advised over 360 companies – throughout Germany and in other European countries. The success rate is impressive: clients who work with him receive a loan or investment in 95% of cases.

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